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Free lighting survey and quotation

Free LED Lighting Survey

One of our trained LED lighting auditors will visit you and conduct a free lighting survey at your premises to demonstrate how you can save money on your energy bills. We will provide you with a no-obligation quote to prove how cost-effective it can be to change to LED lighting.

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Free LED Lighting Survey

Design Service

We provide custom 3D lighting scene simulation using Relux software. Relux is a lighting calculation and design tool where luminaires and objects can easily be added and positioned. We can specify the light source inside a luminaire in order to meet the requirement of your lighting project and provide you with a comprehensive and realistic visual report of your design.

Design Service at Rasmi

Design Service at Rasmi

Testing Service

We provide in-house photometric testing of light sources. We can measure the total light output (flux or lumens) of a lamp or luminaire, the rendering quality and colour spectrum emitted.  Our goniophotometer allows accurate beam angle pattern measurement of a luminaire by rotating the luminaire about its axes and recording beam intensity.

These measurements can be presented in a visual format, such as a polar curve diagram, or combine the data from the integrating sphere into files used for lighting design such as IES or Eulumdat formats.

Testing Service at Rasmi

Energy Usage and Showroom

Rasmi LED Lighting Ltd has set up two office areas in order to compare the costs of traditional lighting to LED equivalent replacements. These showrooms represent typical office working environments into which we have installed both traditional and LED lighting. We use energy monitors and LUX level meters to compare respective performances.

Click on the PDF icon for the Energy Usage Comparison Table to view actual measurements taken in the two office areas and the theoretical annual energy consumption at four differing daily usage rates.

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