About Us

Rasmi LED Lighting Ltd is a UK manufacturing company employing a team of over 50 people comprising designers, R&D, production staff, sales and customer service, and qualified electricians.

From initial designs created by our design team in our purpose-built facilities, to installations completed by our electricians, we can provide a fully-integrated and tailored LED luminaire solution for businesses and the public sector in the UK and worldwide.

About Rasmi LED Lighting

We have over 40 years’ experience as one of the leading commercial lighting manufacturers in the UK. Our extensive UK testing facilities include a 2m integrating sphere with high-speed spectrocolourimeter detector and a 10m goniophotometer chamber to conduct quality and safety tests of our products.

Visit our showroom in Stanley, Co. Durham and we will demonstrate how you will save energy and enjoy a superior level of LED lighting in your business premises.

Rasmi LED Lighting Ltd is a member of the LIA.

The Rasmi group has achieved BSI ISO9001:2015, BSI OHSAS 18001:2007 and BSI ISO 14001:2015.

Click on the links to view our BSI Certificates – OHS 655404, FS 655349, EMS 655354 and LIA Certificate.

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